Terms & Conditions

1 Making your booking
1.1. As the person in charge of the party (“the party leader” or “you”), you must be at least 26 years old at the time of
booking. By making the booking, you confirm that you are authorised to make the booking. It is your responsibility
as the party leader to ensure that the other party members are aware of and agree to comply with these booking
conditions where applicable.
1.2. You are responsible for making all payments to us.
5.3. You must ensure that all the information you provide us in connection with your booking is true, accurate, current
and complete. If any of your details change, you must promptly update your details.
1.4. If you or any member of your party has any medical problem or disability that may affect your booking, please tell us
before you confirm your booking and give us full details in writing as early as possible before you travel. 


2.1. For most bookings, we will ask you to pay a non-refundable deposit, to secure your booking.
2.2. The standard deposit is 20% of the accommodation rental price, but we may occasionally require you to pay more or
less. You will be told what the deposit is prior to making the booking.
2.3. If you book an accommodation with a deposit which is lower than the standard deposit, you also agree to pay the
difference between the amount paid and the standard deposit. You must make this additional payment either at the
time the balance of your booking is due or, if you cancel before the balance due date, at the time you cancel the
booking. Terms of any low deposit scheme, if available for your accommodation, will be displayed on our website.
Please also refer to Annex A if you have purchased the Enhanced Cancellation Terms.



number of days before the start date of
your trip that we receive your notice to
cancel (or on which you are deemed to
have cancelled)
Cancellation charge (in addition to any Enhanced Cancellation
Terms fee or administration fees you have already paid which
are non-refundable)

More than 70 days Full standard deposit
57 to 70 days 50% of total accommodation cost
43 to 56 days 60% of total accommodation cost
29 to 42 days 75% of total accommodation cost
8 to 28 days 90% of total accommodation cost
7 days or less 95% of total accommodation cost